• A deposit of R500 is payable for each and all accommodation units and is due either in advance or by no later than date of arrival and time of check-in.
  • Guests and visitors agree and accept liability and responsibility by signature hereto to pay in full for any and/all damages caused in or outside the relevant accommodation units whether accidental or deliberate. Such damages will in the first instance be deducted from deposit, whereafter any remaining balance owing will be payable by the guests or visitors.
  • Deposits will be refunded when the keys and remotes have been returned and once ZIZI LODGE has jointly ascertained and confirmed that no losses, breakages or damages have occurred, or that no breach of trespassing on neighbor’s property occurred
  • Prior to a guests' arrival and check-in, everything in the unit (as listed in the Inventory List) is checked, counted and inspected to ensure that no items are missing or broken.
  • On check-in, guests in accommodation units will receive an Inventory List.  The Inventory List has 3 columns – the 1st column is ticked by the housekeeping staff.  Guests are required to please check that all the items listed on the Inventory List are ticked in the 2nd column.  In the event of any damage or losses to items or ZIZI LODGE’ property, Guests are requested to likewise report such to the Lodge Manager immediately. On check-out, ZIZI staff will tick the 3rd column to again fully account for all the items.  In the event of any damage or losses, the cost of replacement or repair thereof will be deducted from the relevant deposits paid.

Afristay Pet Friendly Award