• Guests and day visitors are not permitted to remove or move around and displace any fittings, furnishings, fixtures or furniture including, but not limted to, garden furniture, TVs, sound equipment, beds, couches, kitchen equipment/utensels, braai area accesories etc., unless authorized by prior arrangement with ZIZI LODGE Management.


  • As the lodge is located in a nature conservancy, please ensure that all guests in your group provide adequate supervision to children as there are Red Data fauna and flora located throughout ZIZI LODGE. There is also a dam that houses Red Data wildlife which may at times be subject to floods without warning. We also have a swimming pool, several ponds and water features as well as rough terrain, lawns, pathways and verandas which can become very slippery especially after rain or when the garden sprinklers have been in operation.
  • Guests are cautioned not to tease or disturb the dogs, cats, poultry including geese, ducks, eagles, horses, reptilians, duikers, antelope, or other animals and game on the premises. Whilst we have never had any incident, guests and visitors are cautioned and requested to supervise children and be wary and take due cognizance that animal behavior can be unpredictable.
  • Guests are requested to please respect wildlife, birdlife, marine life and plant life alike and to ensure that the beautiful natural and ecologically sensitive environment at Leisure Bay and ZIZI LODGE is preserved. 


  • Regrettably no pets are allowed to be brought in by guests without prior consent. Provided specific prior arrangements are made with ZIZI LODGE Management, permission to bring in pets may be granted at the sole discretion of ZIZI LODGE. 

Afristay Pet Friendly Award